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Hemorrhaging, Headaches

I swear by Sandy and her methods of healing. There’s NOTHING like Acupuncture. I was being treated by several doctors including the ER., for 2 years due to hemorrhaging. Nothing they did or tried worked for me. I became anemic and was weak, tired and dizzy all the time. I also suffered from Migraines for 48 years. A friend of mine told me about Sandy. It was unbelievable my headache was gone and so was the bleeding from day one. I have not had another Migraine in a year and my menstruation periods went back to normal. Every time I’ve gone to see Sandy I have left her office feeling at least 95% better than when I walked in. I’ll sleep like a baby that night and always wake up feeling totally rested. The next day I’m energized all day and the next several days I’m still feeling charged. And all this without medication. I wish I had started seeing her sooner. It’s like being zapped back into great health. I love it. May God continue to Bless you with the ability to continue helping others.

–G.V. Albany, NY

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