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IBS Pain & Adhesions

Sandy has given me back my life! I’ve had many, many surgeries due to endometriosis, which caused a lot of adhesions (in and around the bowel). For the past 5 years, I’ve spent approximately half my life in bed, due to pain. I did an online search looking for non surgical ways to relieve the pain and found acupuncture had helped

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Low Back Pain & Sciatica

Acupuncture 2015

”From the Unknowing, to the Total Believing. 4000 year old Acupuncture treatment has worked for me.”

In August of 2015 I suffered a back injury which started out just with lower back discomfort. Unfortunately, the pain got tremendously worse and started to extend across the top of my butt and down my right leg. Consequently, the pain level

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Sciatica & Neck Pain

When I called your office, I had the following symptoms:

Shooting pain down my right leg when I lay down, neck pain, arthritis pain in my hands.


This is how I felt about these symptoms:

Bummed out. The leg pain woke me from sleep regularly or kept me from falling asleep.


After your treatments, here is exactly what

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Infertility, Pregnancy

When I met Sandy in the late Spring 2008 my husband and I were completing three years of unsuccessful attempts at conceiving a child. The sadness and frustration were overwhelming. Following the advice of a friend, I sought acupuncture with the hope that it would help boost my fertility and keep my anxiety under control. Sandy’s serenity, words of wisdom,

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