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Pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis

After years of living with pain, having many surgeries and dealing with a sensitivity to many medications, the last thing I wanted to hear from my doctor was the need for another surgery. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis in the foot. I cannot take anti-inflammatory medicines which left nothing to ease the constant pain in my foot

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Post-stroke pain, limited range of motion

Because of my limited English it may not come as clear.

* When I called your office, I had the following symptoms: post stroke muscular spasticity and pain, left side weakness, paralyzed muscles, limited range of motion on neck, arm and leg/foot and general muscular pain, and uneven gait Cognitive confusion, short term memory, inability to maintain train of thought.

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My asthma reached a point where I was using my “emergency” inhaler on a daily basis. Unless I could get it under control, my doctor wanted me on a corticosteroid inhaler. Between treatments from Sandy and practicing the Buteyko breathing method, I’ve not only been able to avoid going on the corticosteroid inhaler, I’ve been able to go over a

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Gas, constipation

I had the following symptoms:

I had been having stomach gas and distention and had been constipated. I knew from previous visits to Sandy that she was great at restoring balance in my body.

After treatment:

After only one treatment, I felt better the very next day. My symptoms disappeared and regularity returned. I came back two weeks later for

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