Post brain surgery

I started with acupuncture after having almost 3 years of constant discomfort inside my head as a result of brain surgery. I had tried medications, seen my neurosurgeon several times about it, told me it would be a good idea to see a neurologist. I saw two.

The last suggested injecting a medication to reduce and possibly stop the discomfort.

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Hemorrhaging, Headaches

I swear by Sandy and her methods of healing. There’s NOTHING like Acupuncture. I was being treated by several doctors including the ER., for 2 years due to hemorrhaging. Nothing they did or tried worked for me. I became anemic and was weak, tired and dizzy all the time. I also suffered from Migraines for 48 years. A friend of

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Sleep / Insomnia

Good Morning Sandy,

Wanted to start the day with a big THANK YOU! I haven’t slept all week until last night. After my treatment I slept from 10 pm to 5:45 am!!! I woke up a couple of times but never moved and fell right back to sleep. Never changed positions! Even had very weird dreams so I was definitely

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I started going to the acupuncturist to treat infertility. I tried 3 different acupuncturists before finding Sandy. She was the second acupuncturist to check my tongue and pulses, and the first that I could feel a significant difference after just one treatment. Sandy treated me for stress levels, anxiety, colds, back and neck pain, and fertility. I went to her

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