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Sleep / Insomnia

Good Morning Sandy,

Wanted to start the day with a big THANK YOU! I haven’t slept all week until last night. After my treatment I slept from 10 pm to 5:45 am!!! I woke up a couple of times but never moved and fell right back to sleep. Never changed positions! Even had very weird dreams so I was definitely in REM sleep. Haven’t felt this refreshed and ready for the day in some time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!.
Have a fantastic day. I know I will, thanks to you.

You are correct about the Chinese medicine being a great help to me. My last treatment with you was truly amazing. I went in with total all consuming pain and came out feeling better. The next day was incredible. The positive energy and well being was oozing out for everyone to see. It was almost unbelievable. Thank you!

–C.M. Bennington, VT

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