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Post brain surgery

I started with acupuncture after having almost 3 years of constant discomfort inside my head as a result of brain surgery. I had tried medications, seen my neurosurgeon several times about it, told me it would be a good idea to see a neurologist. I saw two.

The last suggested injecting a medication to reduce and possibly stop the discomfort. I wasn’t thrilled with being injected in the scalp with anything. Acupuncture was suggested by some family members and friends that use it for asthma and pain relief. And so acupuncture was my next step. After two appointments the discomfort is drastically reduced. It has also reduced the noises I have in my ears due to hearing loss. I wear hearing aides and have always had a constant background sound in my head, and recently realized that too has diminished quite a bit. I am amazed at acupuncture! I am continuing to go for treatments for the relief of other aches and pains.

Thank you Sandy for clearing my head!

–J.G. Albany, NY

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