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Pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis

After years of living with pain, having many surgeries and dealing with a sensitivity to many medications, the last thing I wanted to hear from my doctor was the need for another surgery. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis in the foot. I cannot take anti-inflammatory medicines which left nothing to ease the constant pain in my foot other than surgery to scrape and fuse the bones together or cortisone shots. The fibromyalgia kept me in constant pain. I researched online and found acupuncture could help both issues. A friend that is a nurse highly recommended Sandy. I really didn’t know what to expect but I was desperate to find relief without surgery.

After the first session I left feeling a little different. The second session gave me almost 24 hours of feeling comfortable in my own feet, a first in many years. On my third visit I shared with Sandy that I had very little sleep the previous two nights because I couldn’t get my mind to shut down when I tried to sleep. It was as though 3 or 4 thoughts were playing a game of tag in my head. By time I left, my mind was clear and I was thinking just one thought at a time. Such blessed relief.

On my fourth visit with Sandy I had much to share with her. During the week as I greeted fellow workers, several would ask what was up. They told me I looked as though I had a fantastic secret. I reflected on their comments and realized, I HAD NO PAIN! None in my body and my feet felt great! Amazing! I enjoyed this wonderful feeling of wellness for two or three hours each morning. I have no doubt that as we continue with my treatments the hours of pure comfort will increase. I had knee replacements in both legs about five years ago. When touching my knees since then, it has always felt as though a large balloon was stretched across each knee. There wasn’t a lot of touch sensation. Earlier that week I had reached down to scratch an itch and it felt as though I had gouged myself. I looked down expecting to see a bleeding scratch. There wasn’t one. The feelings and sensations had returned to my knees! They are starting to feel like they are part of me again.

Sandy Camper is one of the kindest, most compassionate and caring people I know. When she asks how you are doing, she truly listens to your answer, understands your pain and rejoices in your successes.

My life is changing as I continue with my treatments. I am much happier without the constant pain and with no unpleasant side effects from putting drugs into my body. I feel as though I am living my life not just making it through another day.

–C.M. Bennington, VT

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