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Post-stroke pain, limited range of motion

Because of my limited English it may not come as clear.

* When I called your office, I had the following symptoms: post stroke muscular spasticity and pain, left side weakness, paralyzed muscles, limited range of motion on neck, arm and leg/foot and general muscular pain, and uneven gait Cognitive confusion, short term memory, inability to maintain train of thought. Inability to regulate external stimuli, such as noise, or busy environments.

* After your treatment, here is exactly what I noticed in how these symptoms and my life in general changed: Acupuncture was an excellent pain management tool, after each treatment pain diminished and was bearable, muscles were less spastic, session by session, muscles regained strength, as well the short term memory and cognitive abilities. In addition a general physical and emotional balance was noted. Typical plateaus in rehabilitation were considerably diminished and shorten by acupuncture treatments.

* This is how I felt about these changes: Although they were many treatments, the symptoms were considerably diminished, and within time, almost disappeared. I feel extremely grateful. My life has come back to normal, I’m able to perform now 90% of the activities I was able to perform before the treatments.

–L.S. North Adams, MA

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