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Low Back Pain & Sciatica

Acupuncture 2015

”From the Unknowing, to the Total Believing. 4000 year old Acupuncture treatment has worked for me.”

In August of 2015 I suffered a back injury which started out just with lower back discomfort. Unfortunately, the pain got tremendously worse and started to extend across the top of my butt and down my right leg. Consequently, the pain level went from mild discomfort, to a level of 10 in a matter of days.

Well I was off to my first of three visits to the ER. After receiving an IV with pain meds, a CAT scan, an MRI, and a referral to a Back Specialist at Bay State in Springfield, MA. I was diagnosed with a herniated L4/L5 disk. Sciatic Nerve Injury. Yuk! Same type of injury I suffered 25 years ago but at L5/S1 which I had surgery for.

So after seven more weeks, and two more visits to the ER including three doses of Steroids, many more prescriptions of pain reducing drugs that reacted horrible with each other, along with Physical Therapy, I had made ZERO progress.

Now this is where my life is about to change. Knowing, I cannot go on like this I decided to stop in at Tsubo Massage to talk about Deep Tissue Massage. Therefore, telling my whole story to the person sitting behind the desk. She suggested Acupuncture. Not knowing anything about it except needles were involved, she went on to explain it to me how it works. After probably a twenty to thirty minute conversation, she said, “I can help you. I do the acupuncture here.”

Her name is Sandy Camper and she is now the person responsible for me being pain-free and healed again. Then I started by visiting Sandy once a week for five weeks. The first session lasted ninety minutes where we discussed my medical history, family history, and  my recent symptoms that I was suffering from. After our first chat she proceeded with the first treatment where she would insert maybe twenty to thirty needles in to different areas of my body usually doing my front side first and then my back side with allowing me to relax for twenty to thirty minutes in between. Consequently, within 24-36 hours after treatment I felt a change in my body. First I got my energy back. After the second visit which lasted 60 minutes, the pain left my lower leg. And the third visit the pain in my butt and lower back left. However, that came back. Next, after the fourth visit the pain in my butt and lower back left and has never returned. “Thank God” or maybe I should say “Thank God for Sandy.” After that I had my fifth visit where I told her that I was having some discomfort in my right hip which I believe was arthritis. Well she found the spot and inserted a needle where I felt the sensation and within a few days it was gone. “Unbelievable.”

Presently I continue to see Sandy once a month. I do not know how long I need to continue with this but I feel GREAT after I visit her. To say the least I look forward to going because I have found Sandy to be a kind, caring person who is concerned about my health and how I feel and respond to her treatments. Overall, it’s amazing how I have benefited from her treatments. I ask so many questions every time why here and why that. And all I can say is, “WITHOUT A DOUBT IT’S WORKED FOR ME.”


– Male, 57, Williamstown, MA

Editor’s note: patient comes in now only if back begins to feel discomfort, once or twice/year in last 2 years.

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