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Infertility, Pregnancy

When I met Sandy in the late Spring 2008 my husband and I were completing three years of unsuccessful attempts at conceiving a child. The sadness and frustration were overwhelming. Following the advice of a friend, I sought acupuncture with the hope that it would help boost my fertility and keep my anxiety under control. Sandy’s serenity, words of wisdom, and vast knowledge of acupuncture allowed me to achieve both these goals. We met every Wednesday for what were to me amazing healing sessions. When my IVF was scheduled, Sandy went out of her way to provide me with acupuncture support. And that made all the difference. More than anything else, Sandy is a wonderful, warm, and generous human being. She was crucial throughout my pregnancy, helping me keep my insomnia, my stuffy nose, and my swollen feet at bay. As I write this, I look at my gorgeous and healthy 20-month old daughter, and my spirit is filled with gratitude and peace. My husband and I savor each second of this dream-come-true.

–Patricia, 38

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