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Sciatica & Neck Pain

When I called your office, I had the following symptoms:

Shooting pain down my right leg when I lay down, neck pain, arthritis pain in my hands.


This is how I felt about these symptoms:

Bummed out. The leg pain woke me from sleep regularly or kept me from falling asleep.


After your treatments, here is exactly what I noticed in how these symptoms and my life in general changed:

The neck pain is gone–it no longer hurts to park my car. The hand pain is vastly improved. Knitting and quilting are not as challenging as they were. Basic chores–lifting a pot from the stove or folding laundry are no longer as painful. The leg pain is still there but vastly improved.


This is how I felt about these changes:

I AM SO GRATEFUL. Sandy is an excellent listener. She “hears” me AND my body. I don’t remember EVER being treated so thoughtfully by any practitioner, EVER. I love that she uses notes not on a computer. She’s not consumed by the screen or the technology, but by the symptoms I describe. Her questions are thoughtful, intelligent, and with purpose. After unsuccessful treatments by several medical “professionals,” I’ve found acupuncture to be far more satisfying and helpful. 


–BN, 63


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